Client Testimonial

Help with Diverticulitis

“Do yourself a favor and begin to believe in the love Jin shin jitzu offers. This practice whether in person or remote is powerful in bringing your body to a place of center and warmth.

My experience, while my own, has changed my daily living experience.

In my late teen years I developed tinnitus as a result of a minor surgery performed on my left ear. The effect of that ringing was anywhere from dull to a fire alarm. Always in the background and often putting me off focus when someone was speaking. At times, at its loudest, I was unable to participate in the conversation because I was overwhelmed by the shrill tone. My children would look up remedies on the internet, having me sit next to a whirling fan which supposedly would trick the vibration in my ear. I’ve also used otc drops intended for ear ringing. I did not get results.

While visiting with Leanne, complaining to her about my ear she offered a session. I am a believer. Jin shin jitsu offered quick holds to help me when my ear was in crisis. I continue to feel relief, on the occasion that it kicks up I grab my book and get my holds going to calm it down.

My second encounter with Leanne came when dealing with my lifelong constipation. As an adult it became more pronounced as I developed diverticulitis. Once again, Leanne did a flow and showed me how to use my own hands and the book to maintain my daily elimination. I no longer suffer the pain of being backed up.

I would say love yourself enough to reach out to Leanne for any body healing you might require. After you receive her help, do the bookwork yourself until your next visit. I live my life more comfortably because she shared Jin shin jitsu with me.

Help yourself be your best self.

Leanne’s knowledge is worthwhile.”

– Shelly J