Help with Depression and Anxiety

“I started seeing Leanne almost 2 years ago after my best friend passed away unexpectedly. I didn’t have a good relationship with grief at the time and the projects I had already been working on such as depression, self harm, eating issues, and anxiety, had only been amplified. I talked to a friend of mine […]

Debilitating Migraines

“When I was a late teen I had my first migraine. It was unlike any headache I had ever had. My Dad’s genetics are to blame. Thanks, Dad. As I aged my migraines came on like clockwork typically around the time of my menstrual cycle and then they started coming more frequently in my late […]

Help with Diverticulitis

“Do yourself a favor and begin to believe in the love Jin shin jitzu offers. This practice whether in person or remote is powerful in bringing your body to a place of center and warmth. My experience, while my own, has changed my daily living experience. In my late teen years I developed tinnitus as […]

Esophageal Cancer

“Leanne’s Jin Shin Jyutsu practice was invaluable to me while negotiating my journey with Esophageal Cancer in 2020. Depression and anxiety were front and center, especially during chemo and radiation. Leanne (and Jin Shin Jyutsu) helped me substantially in surviving that challenging period. Her skill set and humanity are unquestionable.” – Scott M

Gerd Relief

“My whole life I’ve lived with what I was told to be chronic illness. I’ve had GERD since I was born and was constantly debilitated by its effects. Most food gave me such bad heartburn and bloating that I sometimes couldn’t even move or speak. All the pills the doctors gave me never worked. But […]